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Anthony Bartolo Sr. 

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No Theories, Just Results.  - “To Achieve You Must First Truly Believe.”


Anthony Bartolo Sr is a respected, highly regarded Master Salesperson and Business Leader. He instills his passion for success and his over 35 years of proven experience and knowledge in sales and business into all his coaching, consulting, and training services.


His proven sales and business methods, techniques and training are not based on a theory, or by having the need to adapt to a new difficult process. He provides sales and business professionals with the practical tools necessary to improve their skills, embrace their career, achieve the financial success they desire and the business they always dreamed of. 


He motivates, mentors, and guides his clients by sharing his expertise and certifications along with showing them how by first believing in themselves and truly believe in their product and services they will achieve the success they desired.

Anthony's Career Credentials 

What My Clients Are Saying

  • Anthony helped formulate an excellent sales strategy for a tough professional services market. His advice exceeded my expectations.


  • I have my online services system ready to offer to the public, and I am seeking advice how to proceed. Anthony had some excellent suggestions. He is, in fact, making me rethink an assumption I had made. This could open up a large market that I had not considered. I HIGHLY recommend Anthony's consultative services to anyone.


  • Anthony, is a friendly and open person who is easy to talk to. He gave me great advise on the specific questions I got. Thanks a lot and till next time.


  • Awesome experience. He is extremely knowledgeable and well versed. We will be doing business again soon!


  • Anthony advised me on some practical matters that needed to be looked at in my business. Which helped me make some important changes in my plan. Recommend to someone stuck needing some tips on moving forward.


  • Anthony is amazing! He gave me a tremendous amount of value in just our first session together. I'll be working a lot more with him to improve my sales skills.


  • I was looking for some help with pushing past adversity. He did a great job. Very helpful and I will be setting up another time to meet. The personal interaction via Skype was a big plus. Highly recommend Anthony and THANK HIM!!!

  • Excellent, direct and got to the heart of the matter very quickly. he does exactly what he say, refocus and re energized. i feel a great weight has been lifted off my creative shoulders.


  • Anthony is a true sales professional. He listened to my sales process and gave me actionable steps I can take to improve it immediately. I am excited and look forward to implementing these tweaks into my game. Highly recommend!


  • Great very Informative!!  Brilliant service liked it quite much!

  • I brought Anthony in to help improve my business and received online personalized coaching, and great advice on how to get myself moving, and how to better structure my plan, and product. Much appreciated and highly recommended! Nick


  • Anthony is great to work with. He has a great way of giving feedback that really helps.


  • This is a " Must Do" call. Anthony is very knowledgeable, helpful and can coach you in many areas to help you achieve your goals. I recommend to get any of his gigs so you can at least try it for your self. There is really no down side here and you"ll find guidance that will propel you to achieving your goals.


  • · Excellent experience and advise given. He is surely a professional and highly skilled as he was able to make me reflect on having a sales strategy I never thought of. I highly recommend this seller.


  •  Anthony came through for coaching quickly. He provided some useful information that will help me with my prospects and my new business. Highly recommend. As for myself been in marketing for 3 years, his experience can really boost your performance.


Partial List of the Businesses I have Helped Grow

  •  App / Chatbot Bus.
  • Automotive
  • Building Contractors
  • Business Services
  • Cable & Satelilite
  • Credit Repair / Finance
  • Energy & Utlilites
  • Environmental / Green
  • Hair Salon / Hair Care
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Home Automation
  • Home Improvement
  • Internet & E commerce
  • Hosted IP Solutions
  • Lawn Care & Garden
  • Legal/ Attorney Services
  • Life Coaching
  • Miscellaneous Businesses
  • Medical Hospital Supply
  • Office Equipment & Furn
  • Online Course Sales
  • Print Media / Advertising
  • Recruitment Services
  • Resturant Supply
  • Security Systems & Services
  • Solar Sales & Install
  • Supplement / Vitamin Sales
  • Trucking & Transport
  • Video Production Services
  • Waste Management
  • Website Design
  • SEO & Social Media Sales
  • Yoga Studio 
  • Network / Event Sales
  • College Admission Service
  • Virtual Assistant

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