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My Coaching, Consulting & Training Programs

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Coaching differs from managing, training, and consulting. Managing often refers to “telling” what to do, Training is showing them “how to do it” and consulting is about providing solutions to a specific issue or problem.

Coaching, on the other hand, focuses on the individual. First by understanding their strengths and then identifying their weaknesses. From there, building a personalized plan to either overcome or minimize them.


Coaching - Creating Your Customized Personalized Growth Program

Initially, the focus is on you, what it is you want to achieve, the goals you desire and what dream you have for your personal development. From there we focus on creating a personalized plan to move you forward to achieving your dreams, goals, and your greatest potential. 

Sales Team Coaching - I can work as Your "Virtual Sales Manager" to help to insure that your sales team is working at their peak efficiencies. Learn more here

Program Designed For

  • Inbound Phone Sales 

  • Outbound Phone Sales

  • Telesales or Telemarketers

  • Call Center Agents or Reps

  • Customer Service Agents or Reps

Programs Designed For

  • Start Up Business Owners

  • Entrepreneur's

  • Existing Business Owners

  • Online Business Owners

Program Designed For.

  • Field Sales Representatives

  • B2B Sales Representatives

  • B2C Sales Representatives

  • Business Development Reps

  • Account Base Managers

  • Existing Base Reps or Agents

  • Cold Calling 

  • Warm Calling

  • Follow Up Calls

  • Inbound Calls

  • Voice Mail Messaging

  • Referral Calls

  • Objection Responses

Custom Sales Content

  • Sales Training Manuals

  • New Hire Orientation Guide

  • Sales Presentation

    • Your Product or Service

    • New Product or Service

    • Training New Hire

Custom Sales Campaigns​

  • Email Sales Campaigns

  • Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Referral Campaigns

Program Designed For

  • Transition to Management

  • New to Sales Management

  • Existing Sales Manage

  • Remote or Offsite Sales Manager

Custom Programs and Courses

  • Sales Skills

  • Sales Management

  • Marketing Skills

  • Personal Development

  • Courses available for Rent or Purchase

  • New Courses Added Weekly

Inside Sales Phone Sales Telesales.png


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