7 Sales Closing Tips (At Glance)

1. Get your prospect to say "Yes" right away. As you talk to your customers, ask questions that the person will answer "Yes" to. This is a great way to establish a right frame of mind.

2. Keep digging for the reasons behind the prospect's objection. Probe and question your prospects. To every objection ask a "WHY" question:

· Why would you say that?

· Why do you only deal with one company?

· But the successful ones also know when to walk away.

3. Sell the benefits - forget about features. This is familiar ground that every salesperson has covered. Remember people want to know "What's in it for me?" People will always respond to offers that will make their lives easier.

4. Concentrate on a single point. Focus on a single point and as hard as it is, try not to get distracted.

5. Know When to STOP TALKING. How many sales are lost because a salesperson keeps talking past the point where the prospect is ready to buy. Read people and recognize when they're ready.

6. Sell to The Right Person. Find out who will make the purchasing decision and spend your time with that person. If you're showing your presentation to the secretary, you're wasting everyone's time.

7. Be Persistent. If a prospect is worth calling on, keep going back until you get the sale. Never fail to call and continue to follow Up on the. Timing is everything.

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