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My Online Sales Consulting Service (MOSC) provide small and mid size Business owners with the Personalized Sales Guidance and Direction they need to succeed. 


  • Do you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and struggling for answers?

  • Do you feel like you have run out of ideas and know that something must change?

  • Do you feel like you have hit a wall?

  • Do you feel stuck or even trapped with nowhere to turn?

  • My Sales Consulting is exactly the solution that you need to get the answers you need, regain your direction, focus, drive, purpose and confidence back. 

  • If this sounds like I am describing you, I invite you to consider My Business coaching.

  • I am an Expert Sales Consultant who helps my clients everyday overcome their toughest business challenges and became their trusted business advisor.

  • Well imagine no more, YOU can hire my as your “Sales & Business Consultant” that will work directly with YOU.

  • Work at a scheduled day and time that works for you. The Best part, it is Easy and Affordable to do

Some of the Ways I have Helped My Other Clients

  • "Go To Market" Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Create Specific Sales Financial Projections, Goals, Benchmarks, and Timelines

  • Design Sales Process, Program, and Compensation & Commission plans

  • Aided with Sales Recruitment, Interviewing and Hiring Selection Process

  • Review Internal Sales Operational Process and Procedures

  • Access Your Sales and Marketing Materials & Schedule

  • Be Their "Virtual Sales Manager" or "Virtual Director of Sales"

    I Customize My Services to Best Suit Your Individual Needs

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