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Sales Coaching - Creating Your Customized Personalized Sales Growth Program


Sales Coaching differs from managing, training, and consulting. Managing often refers to “telling” salespeople what to do, Training is showing them “how to do it” and consulting is about providing solutions to a specific issue or problem.


Sales Coaching focuses on you, the individual. First by understanding what are your strengths and then identifying areas you have a weaknesses  in, and finally areas  you want to improve. From there, we create your Personalized Coaching improvement plan.

Your Customized Personalized Coaching Program

Below is a list of Topics that I have coached others 

                                   “How To"


  • Implement Prospecting and Cold Calling Best Practices

  • Make Cold Calling & Prospecting part of your everyday schedule

  • Stop dreading Cold Calling and Prospecting

  • Created Custom Scripts that set more appointments

  • Turn common responses and objections into appointments

  • Advance a sales call to secure a next appointment

  • Master the use of third party and referral Calls

  • Correctly leave messages to get your calls returned

  • Deliver Winning (Proposals) Recommendations

  • Define and Develop a Target Market and Territory

  • Know everything you can about your customers

  • Manage, develop and increase sales within your client base.

  • Deal with difficult prospects / people / clients / customers

  • Overcome feeling “being pushy” to close sales

  • Find the courage to Close Sales.

  • Identify, Isolate and Overcome Objections



  • Time Management - Establish and manage priorities

  • Hold you Accountable - Focused on Action Items

  • Defining, Setting Quantifiable & Achievable goals

  • Creating and maintaining a positive attitude in sales

  • Improving your communication skills

  • Dealing with Sales Stress and pressure

  • Develop 25 Habits of Highly successful salespeople

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  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Create Your Sales Process and Program

  • Design Commission or Compensation Plans

  • Define Specific Financial Projections, Goals, Benchmarks, and Timelines

  • Define your Internal Operational Process

  • Establish Implement Your Sales and Internet Marketing Schedule

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